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Yellow Paper Planes at Old Hilliardfest 2016

"Columbus, Ohio's Yellow Paper Planes are indie but not cutesy. They can be heavy but not aggro. Power pop for punks who like country. Folk music for folks who kind of hate folk music." - GhettoBlaster Magazine

Reforming after the dissolution of Joshua P. James and the Paper Planes, drummer for that band, Brandon Woods and front man, Joshua P. James, picked up bassist, Peter Mendenhall (Go Analog, Hocking River String Band), and keys/guitar player, Jeremy Ebert (The Driftwood Motion), and began the process of building up and tearing down and with each change in direction inched closer to the sound that is now Yellow Paper Planes.

The band mixes dynamic, sometimes dramatic, arrangements with simplicity and straightforward hooks. The ever elusive genre classification has yielded such descriptors as dark, minimalist, indie-psych-rock and dramatic folk-pop.

Yellow Paper Planes released their debut EP "Feather's Touch" in late spring of 2015, a batch of four songs that touched on themes both personal and universal and saw the band setting up the palette for what will become their follow-up, a full-length album titled “Building A Building” (expected in the summer of 2016).

Yellow Paper Planes will perform at #OHF2016. Catch them on the #Americana #RootsStage, Saturday, September 10th at 3:30 p.m.


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