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OHF2014 Featured Partner: Baesman Group

Baesman is a nationally-recognized, single-source provider of direct marketing strategy and solutions, including CRM data analytics & hygiene, loyalty & rewards programs, direct mail & email campaigns, segmentation & lifecycle analysis, and integrated multi-channel execution. Basically, they can help your get your marketing groove on.

Their production and warehouse facilities are located in Hilliard. Actually, not too far away from where the Old Hilliardfest festival takes place. We like to approach businesses within the Hilliard community to either do business with or partner with. In this case, there were no questions asked, Baesman stepped up and offered to be our one-stop-shop marketing solution.

Old Hilliardfest Art & Street Fair's exclusive printing service provider is Baesman Group. They agreed to graciously give back to the community by helping Old Hilliardfest with deliverable such as festival posters to hang around the community, flyers to distribute at businesses to help promote the festival, signs and banners for the festival grounds, our festival program, etc.

To put it modestly, Baesman is awesome. Without the support of amazing community oriented business leaders like Baesman, the Old Hilliardfest Art & Street Fair would not be possible, let alone how much more successful it becomes every year. Thank you Baesman for partnering up with Old Hilliardfest!

Old Hilliardfest 2014 is presented by the Hilliard Civic Association, in partnership with some really great people.


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