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OHF2014 Featured Partner: Credit Union of Ohio

Credit Union of Ohio was organized in 1967 to serve employees of the State of Ohio. Originally named State Employees Credit Union, over the years, the membership has grown more diverse--adding related groups and communities. The credit union members felt it was necessary for the credit union's name to reflect the members that they serve. Therefore, on July 1, 2003, the members voted to changed the name to Credit Union of Ohio.

The mission of all team members at Credit Union of Ohio is to improve members' standards of living and better their lifestyles. That's a unique mission statement for a financial institution. Some strive to be the preferred financial provider for their members or customers. That's nice, but it only addresses success from their side of the equation.

Credit Union of Ohio's primary concern is supporting it's members and the community. Sponsoring the Old Hilliardfest Community Stage is an example of the credit union's continued efforts to make a difference in the community. We're pleased that Credit Union of Ohio has joined our team for the 2014 festival.

Old Hilliardfest 2014 is presented by the Hilliard Civic Association, in partnership with some really great people.


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