Old Hilliardfest & Covid-19


Now and always, the health and safety of our guests and volunteers is our top priority.


As we continue to have the privilege of planning Hilliard's Flagship Festival for our community, our goal is to keep everyone safe and informed, since nothing is more important to us than our volunteers and our guests. We are monitoring this evolving situation very closely and working with local officials to ensure we’re doing all we can to keep our guests, volunteers, and event safe.

We already:

  • Work with local city officials, local law enforcement, and fire officials to ensure our event exceeds industry adopted safety standards for such events and prepare evacuation and contingency plans for weather, health, and safety emergencies. Inspections take place the morning of our event.

  • Work with our state health department and liquor control agencies to ensure that the food and liquor being served to guests at our event are being prepared and served in a manner that exceeds state standards. Inspections take place the morning of our event.

We will continue to explore available safety tools, protocols, and measures as these unique circumstances evolve, and will implement those efforts as appropriate in preparation for and presentation of OHF2021.

This year's event may look a bit different than years past, but rest assured, Hilliard Civic Association is excited to proceed with the planning of this year's festival!

We sincerely appreciate the continued support of the Hilliard Community, City Administration, first responders, vendors, entertainers, volunteers, sponsors, and partners!


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