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Community Outreach

Our Outreach

The Hilliard Civic Association showcases the best and brightest that Hilliard has to offer by engaging the public in organized events, recognition of community needs, acknowledgement of local achievements, and the promotion of volunteering within the community. We're continually seeking new ways to become involved within the community, check out our blog for the latest news!

What is HCA doing in the Community?

Our organization continues to increase involvement throughout the Hilliard community, hosting the area's largest street festival event each September, establishing a grant program to assist other community organizations, offering sponsorships to other local events, and more!

Grants Opportunities

We want to help improve the quality of life within the Hilliard area, contact us today regarding our community improvement grant opportunities!

Signature Event

Hilliard Civic Association hosts the largest street festival in the Hilliard area each September.

Event Sponsorships

In an effort to help improve the quality of life within the Hilliard community, HCA seeks partnerships with other organizations to bring quality programming to the community.

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